Monthly Routine Monitoring Program

As of 3/8/13







[Encl Access -TeV, MI Svc Bldgs: PPC Stock, instrumentation, and area checks] Checklist


N/A During 2012 Shutdown

AP0 Air Filter Sample to AAL (During weeklies)


AP10 Service Building


Air Leakage Visual Seal Inspection Locations


AP30 Service Building


Air Leakage around the 900 Beam Monitor Penetration *


AP50 Service Building


Air Leakage in the MI-12B enclosure Stairwell *


Beamline Support port-a-kamps (6)


Air Leakage around the 25 meter absorber hatch cover *


C0 Service Building


Air Leakage through the 4 straight penetrations *


CUB NW Corner


Air Leakage through the 8 S-shaped penetrations *


Cross-Gallery Utility Tunnel


Air Leakage around the Horn Stripline penetrations *


F0 Service Building (MVA)


Print readbacks from D106/misc page 14




Log the 4 air monitor MUX read backs *




Check and log the Wells 3 and 6 Holding Tank level *






Monthly Rad Waste Insp








Northeast Transfer Gallery












Rad Material in Gov Vehicle checks




Transfer Gallery Utility Tunnel




Trans Gallery North Addition LL




West Booster Tower LL




Wilson Hall Kicker Shop


* Required by the August 2002 MiniBooNE Shielding Assessment



All surveys were completed as follows (if different, it will be indicated on the specific survey pages):




Instrument/Serial Number:



Batt/Source Check (Sat):



Calibration Due Date:





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